Our Managers

Mark & Judy Sickerdick, our friendly Gold Coast Holiday Park Managers, gravitated to the Gold Coast for three very good reasons. The fabulous weather with more than 245 days of golden sunshine every year, the rolling beaches and sensational surf and the fun of all the theme parks and other unlimited attractions of the Gold Coast.


Mark and Judy are experienced managers in the Holiday Parks & Resort industries and have proudly raised the standard in quite a few iconic properties; most recently at the famous Kangaroo Island in South Australia.


They are committed managers and strive always to ensure every guest will drive away having experienced the fun, freedom and holiday adventure that they will want to share with family and friends next time.


Both Mark and Judy have brought a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to Gold Coast Holiday Park and have been able to lead a large and happy staff through a period of growth and expansion.


Mark and Judy know your family holidays come around only once a year so they want to help you make the most of them by giving you the best of both worlds - the peace and freedom of 32 acres of wide open spaces for you to relax, kick-back and enjoy your holiday, and all the fun and excitement of the theme parks and Gold Coast attractions awaiting you right on your doorstep.


The couple will continue to improve and develop the Holiday Park to provide fun memories to be treasured and to ensure the Gold Coast Holiday Park is the holiday park find of a lifetime.