Our Restaurant Special Offers - within 5 minutes drive!

Salt Water Creek

Mondays - kids eat for free.

Thursdays - buy one meal and get one free. (Members only – join for free.)

Thursday only - $1,000 give away (Members only).


Waterfire Restaurant and Bar

Mondays - kids eat for free.

Tuesdays – two main courses plus bottle of wine for $39.95.

Wednesday -  Complimentary soup with your main course (Winter only).

Thursday – Shank meal with glass of wine for $22.90 per person.

Friday – 15% off your meal if you eat before 7 pm.


Georges Paragon Seafood Restaurant

Half price dinner meals if seated between 5.50 pm and 6.30 pm (reservation required).


Oxenford Tavern

Monday – kids eat free.

Wednesday – Family Meal Deal – 2 main courses, 3 kids meals, coffee and cake for $50.

Friday/Saturday – kids entertainment.


Red Rock Restaurant

Tuesday – Pizza and Pasta night - $15 each.

Wednesday – Ribs for $24.90 each.

Tuesday to Friday – Breakfast with coffee - $10.



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